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The Nation’s Only Firm Specializing in Bariatric Surgery Recruitment

ESA Medical Resources is the only medical recruiting firm which specializes in Bariatric Surgery placements.  We work with physicians to find an opportunity that meets their professional goals and their personal expectations.  In addition to finding jobs for physicians we work with the support staff involved in Bariatric practice settings, i.e. Program Coordinators, clinical nurse specialists, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. 

We work on behalf of individual Bariatric practices, as well as larger Hospital systems, assisting with the recruitment of a physician or support staff to an existing practice or to help in starting a Bariatric Program for that facility.  Whether we are dealing with an individual practice or a larger medical facility we offer the same personalized service. We try to get to know our clients as much as possible in order to insure our understanding of what their specific requirements are and how we can best meet their recruiting needs.

The reason for our company choosing to focus our efforts primarily on the Bariatric Surgery field has to do with my professional background. In the early 1990’s I was fortunate enough to work along side two of the most talented and dedicated surgeons in the field.    As a Project Research Nurse managing a major research project which at the time I started involved over 1500 Bariatric Surgery patients. The focus of our research centered on the effects of Gastric Bypass surgery on Diabetes Mellitus.  Our project was an NIH grant funded research program with a highly specialized clinical and research team.  I was extremely blessed to have worked with such an ethical and dedicated group of professionals. Having worked directly with the morbidly obese population I have an understanding and appreciation for the level of empathetic dedication it takes to work in this specialized field.  As a result of having attended numerous ASBS meetings I was able to meet many of the leaders in Bariatric Surgery and to learn so much about the surgical interventions for the Morbidly Obese.

My professional growth has led me to utilize my skills in a different way now. Helping others meet their professional goals and working toward meeting the recruiting needs of my clients is extremely challenging and rewarding.

I hope that when you are in need of recruiting expertise that you will choose our company. We are committed to doing all we can to insure you the professional assistance you deserve, freeing you to do what you do best…taking care of patients. You can contact me at 270-320-6614 or email me at




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